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with ourmatrix in front of the Federal Police in São Pauloand with a team ofspecialist lawyers and consultants, we offer a great service and take care of all the bureaucratic part.


Bandeira do Brasil

For immigrants who are in Brazil and have residency, it is possible to apply for a naturalization process, allowing them to obtain a Brazilian passport, among other documents.    

Work authorization

Trabalhadora da construção

The Brazilian company that finds in the immigrant a qualified workforce, it is possible to request a work permit, as long as it does not compromise the national workforce.

Our team has all the prerogatives to succeed in this solicitation

driver's license


Document that allows the immigrant to drive vehicles in the national territory, being necessary the analysis of the documents for the request in the correct way.

Our office is located at the main Detran post in São Paulo. 


Caneta apontadora e dedo no documento

The immigrant in the national territory has the possibility to apply for residency, based on labor, family or even personal issues, and it is up to the analysis of the situation of each case



The immigrant who has nationality in one of the countries of the Mercosur Agreement, or guest country, is possible to reside in the country.

This residence is initially allowed for 2 years, but may vary in specific cases, in addition to the renewal that allows a document with the maximum validity.

seen abroad


Support for Brazilian citizens or immigrants residing in Brazil to apply for a visa at the Consulate of the country of destination.

Due to high demand, support from companies with experienced specialists is very important.


Foto Jonathan Simon.jfif

Jonathan Simon (assisted French)

Marcus helped me a lot with immigration issues in Brazil, which are particularly complex!

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