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Immigration agency

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We are partners of BrasilVisa, renowned

Immigration Lawyer Office

Immigration agency located in São Paulo, with branches in São Bernardo do Campo and Campinas, able to assist multinational companies in the regularizing process based on the Brazil laws.

The consulting has as a differential the exclusive service, always providing quick and effective solutions, in a unknown and so important area.

Our team is made up of lawyers and specialists with years of experience in the labor and accounting areas, points directly linked in the immigration process to enable the immigrant to have a legal life in Brazil.

Interview to Brazilian TV

We gave an interview to Rede Globo's affiliate, TV Diário, to talk about immigration, given the increase in the number of Brazilians looking for other countries to live.

It was a unique experience to participate in a live conversation with a giant vehicle.

You can access this interview by GloboPlay clicking on the image.

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A little more about the agency

Who we are

T.P Mundo Consultoria was started in mid-2022 by Marcus Vinicius Biagio da Silva, based on his experience of more than 15 years, helping multinational, foreign and Brazilian companies in a complex area.

There were more than 10,000 processes assisted with mastery and professionalism.

This background enabled him to create a company with differentiated service, including the location of the office, in front of the Federal Police, where all foreigners in the city of São Paulo must proceed the registration to get the foreigner I.D Card RNM.

How can we support you?

TP Mundo Consultoria is able to assist in any type of process with a team prepared, solving all types of challenges faced to multinational and foreign companies.

We have a team of experienced lawyers, accountants and analysts.

Among our services, we highlight the support to companies that wish to hire foreigners by an authorization to the responsible department, the Ministry of Justice.

Brazil is a country that needs qualified labor and more and more companies are looking for foreigners with the specific educational level.

Where are we

We are located at Rua Hugo D'Antola, 146 - Água Branca, São Paulo, SP, in front of the Federal Police, in addition to branches in São Bernardo do Campo and Campinas city.

Our differential

T.P Mundo Consultoria values the differential service, keeping customers duly informed and always in an agile way.

Our team has the necessary experience, based on baggage and international experience, which is reflected in the agility and excellent service, according to feedback from many satisfied customers. 

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Photo of our team with the USA artist Val Valentino, who is known worldwide as the "Masked Magician"

English presentation video

This video in particular, we talk about Brazilian immigration law, in English.

Visitor (tourist), student, work, digital nomad visas, among others, are covered.

Useful video for foreigners who need initial information before coming to Brazil

French presentation video

In this video from 2018, we talk about the new immigration law, in French.

A slightly shorter video, but with important information.

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