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T.P Mundo social work

Pai afegao.jpg

Photo of an Afghan helped by T.P Mundo in the visa process to Brazil

Since the beginning of the project, T.P Mundo has helped foreigners in a variety of areas

like partners refugee NGOs, to legal support for Afghans (who are experiencing difficulties and trying to leave their country after the Taliban's control).

The photo above was sent by an Afghan who is trying to get a visa to Brazil by Iran, since there is no Brazilian Embassy in Afghanistan.

His father has a problem with his eyes and he can't solve it for Iran, so the urgency of this visa increases.

There are several families in need in similar conditions and all support is valid.

The idea of an NGO has always existed and with this new stage of the project in mid-2022, it is starting to get off the ground, respecting all bureaucratic procedures.

At this moment, we recommend 2 institutions that play a beautiful role in helping people in complicated situations, due to problems in their countries of origin.

The first is UDI Refugees, an institution located in city of Uberlândia, as shown in the photos below (T.P Mundo has not yet been able to visit them, but helps them as it can, in addition to promoting their page). They have a very beautiful and important role.

The other NGO is Arsenal de Esperança, they are located in São Paulo city and we were able to visit them personally. 

Their focus is actually supporting homeless men, but they also welcome refugees and out of curiosity, the place is next to the Immigration Museum, where it is historically known for receiving foreigners in the early 20th century.
For those who want to help them, see the Instagram pages below.

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and my family.

Testimony of one of the Afghans helped

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