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The immigration Agency

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In this 15-year experience, Marcus Vinicius made an important interchange in 2018 to Europe, meeting clients and partners of the consultancy he worked, Over Personnalité.

There were several meetings in France, Switzerland, England and Italy.

On this time, he gave an important interview to the Italian immigration agency called ECA, talking about the recent Brazilian immigration law, which has some changes.

He check the positive and negative points, after the reformulation of this law, highlighting the way that Brazil tries to adapt to new challenges, such as refugee-based immigration, which is currently a much discussed topic around the world, especially in Europe and USA.

Based on this experience, in addition to his Degree in International Relations and Foreign Trade, as well as his fluency in English and French, the Immigration Agency was created.

Processes supported by T.P Mundo are in great hands, based on customers feedbacks in these 15 years of experience.

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The T.P Mundo project was created in October 2019 with a journalistic character, promoting the exchange of knowledge and cultural through interviews with foreigners who live in Brazil. By now, more than 100 foreigners have been impacted over 38,000 views and plays on the streamings.

Since it's an unprecedented idea, adding the 15 years experience in the immigration area of its creator Marcus Vinicius Biagio da Silva, T.P Mundo became an immigration agency, supporting companies and foreigners who need support in a complex area.


Besides that, the project seeks to help people in need in their countries and for this reason a NGO is being created.


Anyhow, refugees are being helped, especially Afghan families.

These are the 3 arms of this project that aims to conquer #AllCountriesInTheWorld

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The podcast

In this image the foreigners who were interviewed on the Podcast and this reflects the greatness of the journalistic proposal.

Each episode a different country, with topics such as cultural issues, stories and curiosities.

In addition, each foreigner recommends a song from their country, and a Popular Saying (in their language and then translated into Portuguese).

More than 100 foreigners have already been impacted, some episodes available in audio format, on platforms such as Spotify and others in video format, available on the Youtube channel.

Every episode you come across Culture Shocks.

The idea is to help people and this has been in practice for some time.

Based on the visibility that the project brings, it was possible to find foreigners who need help.

Besides that, Brazil is a country open to causes as a refuge, so the idea of creating an NGO came up.

This process will focus exclusively on foreigners who are in a difficult situation, helping them legally for the issuance of the visa, in addition to financial support and disclosure.

In this video an example of a Syrian who had to leave his country due to the war (it's in English with Portuguese subtitle).

We are trying to bring him to Brazil.


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Guga Mafra.jpg

Guga Mafra

Very good idea, I really enjoyed it, because it also covers lesser-known countries, congratulations!
(via guest appearance)

Vogalizando história.jpg

Vitor Vogel

You have a great goal, talking to people of all nationalities must be amazing! We are here rooting for you

Foto Jonathan Simon.jfif

Jonathan Simon

J'ai beaucoup aimé le projet de Marcus Vinicius de s'entretenir avec des individus de toutes les nationalités ! For ailleurs, Marcus m'a apportté beaucoup d'aide avec les problems d'immigration au Brésil qui sont particulièrement complexes !


Alexis Radoux

Very cool idea!
Beware of haters, when you start to be successful lol

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