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Youtube channel

On the TP Mundo channel on Youtube, the conversation with foreigners takes place in a more relaxed way, often eating a dish and drinking a typical drink from their country, as shown in the photos below.

Vi e Greg.jfif

Tasting US Dishes and Drinks with Youtuber Seth the "Amigo Gringo"

Vi e Arthur.jfif

Welcoming Armenian actor Arthur Haroyan, passionate about Brazil

In this video where I interviewed a girl from Kyrgyzstan, I had one of the biggest culture shocks regarding cooking and that was my face of amazement

growing channel

There have already been more than 50 videos posted, with more than 22 thousand views (and counting)

Capa vídeos do youtube.gif

flags challenge

One of the funniest videos on the channel, in a moment of relaxation, in which we try to draw the flags, in any glue.

I received the Guatemalan William Flores and my friend (Brazilian) Thierry Chemalle


flavors of india

In this video, I went to Gabrioche Café, owned by dear Mandar Pitkar, an Indian married to a Brazilian.

I tried many typical seasonings and he talked about many interesting facts about India.

Vi e Mandar.jfif

I went to a Syrian's house to learn how to make (the real) Kibe.

Dear Salsabil has already recorded with Paola Carosella, so you can imagine the quality of her dishes.


Video with Ndudu Siba, a super charismatic South African with a simply amazing story.

One of the most accessed videos on the channel.

Backstage photo, cooking a Congolese dish with Eldad Chris (and the cat Elton John, TP Mundo's mascot)

Vi e Salsabil.jfif
Nova capa Africa do Sul.jpg
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